The Bridge Kingdom


“Even if I’m a goddamned fool for it, there will never be anyone but you.”

Danielle L. Jensen


A warrior princess trained in isolation, Lara is driven by two certainties. The first is that King Aren of the Bridge Kingdom is her enemy. And the second is that she’ll be the one to bring him to his knees.

The only route through a storm-ravaged world, the Bridge Kingdom enriches itself and deprives its rivals, including Lara’s homeland. So when she’s sent as a bride under the guise of peace, Lara is prepared to do whatever it takes to fracture its impenetrable defenses. And the defenses of its king.

Yet as she infiltrates her new home and gains a deeper understanding of the war to possess the bridge, Lara begins to question whether she’s the hero or the villain. And as her feelings for Aren transform from frosty hostility to fierce passion, Lara must choose which kingdom she’ll save… and which kingdom she’ll destroy.


My excitment for this book was very very high. My friends on bookstagram were saying wonderful things and I had to know more. I listened to the audiobook and I have mixed feelings about this story. Although I loved the characters and the world building, I found the conflicts with the bridge a bit confusing and I ended up not knowing exactly why everyone wanted that bridge and what kind of power it gave them.


-The enemies-to-lovers trope/ arranged marriage. Lara was trained all her life to destroy her enemy: Aren, the king of Ithicana. The evolution of her feelings for him are well developed and very engaging.

-Lara’s character really interested me. She suffered a lot in life at the hands of her father with the purpose to eventually kill Aren. She’s strong and brave.


-The book was a bit repetitive. A major part of the story is Ithicana being attacked and Aren leaving to defend it. I grew a bit bored during the story.

-There’s a part of the book before the ‘Grand Finale’ that doesn’t make sense to me. It’s related to Lara trying to erase evidence of her spying.


I have mixed feelings wether I recommend this book or not. Although I enjoyed it, I found it a bit boring sometimes and that illogical part in the end really annoyed me. The narrators were very good, they were able to show the emotions of the characters.

PLOT: ★★★
COVER: ★★★★

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