Sometimes, the most perfect families are hiding the most terrible secrets. How well do you know the people next door…?

Everybody wants to live on Hogarth Street, the pretty, tree-lined avenue with its white houses. The new family, The Wests, are a perfect fit. Katherine and Josh seem so in love and their gorgeous five-year-old twins race screeching around their beautiful emerald-green lawn.

But soon people start to notice: why don’t they join backyard barbecues? Why do they brush away offers to babysit? Why, when you knock at the door, do they shut you out, rather than inviting you in?

Every family has secrets, and on the hottest day of the year, the truth is about to come out. As a tragedy unfolds behind closed doors, the dawn chorus is split by the wail of sirens. And one by one the families who tried so hard to welcome the Wests begin to realise: Hogarth Street will never be the same again.


A nail biting, fast-paced thriller that you can’t simply put down once you start. The blurb really had me wrong. I was expecting a family with many secrets that wouldn’t join their neighbours to anything. I was really expecting a domestic violence story. It has a main event and then the story rewinds till eight hours before the events and it’s told from four different points of view (all of them very interesting!)


– The fast pace of the book. There isn’t a peaceful moment there. You’re always on edge.

– Loved the delivery man’s story and his struggle to find a job after being convicted. His character was really noble.

– The plot twist was amazing! During the entire story you’re led to believe something and in the end you’re like ‘What?!’


– Although necessary, a big part of the book is the characters background story which got me a little bored sometimes but not enough to lose interest.


A really good thriller that keeps your interest on a high level. It also sends an important message to all of us. You shouldn’t be so focused on our lives that we don’t pay attention to our surroundings. It also tells us that sometimes we really should make a move. Especially in today’s society, the first thing we do when someone’s in trouble is film with our phones so we can get many likes and views. We should care for one another, we should have empathy. I think the message is really strong and makes you think: what would you do?

I recommend this book! I think it’s a great read!

PLOT: ★★★★
COVER: ★★★

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