Katy Tomas is a sweet and cheerful girl that owns a small but lovely bakery. Baking is her passion and her business is her baby. When her main baker resigns to pursue her dreams, Katy has a big problem to solve: how to bake her ex-baker famous cocoa cappuccino cookies with perfection and where to find a perfect baker.

When she tries to bake the cookies at home and fails too many times, the ingredients start to run out and she has no other choice than to knock on the door of  her new grumpy neighbor, Cage. As Katy insists on the cookies she has to go to her neighbour’s house too many times to ask for more ingredients until he finally grows tired and decides to help her finish the cookies. 

When Katy realizes he made them to perfection she almost begs for him to work to her. Since Cage needs the money, he accepts. What Katy doesn’t know is that Cage has a troubled past and lives a dangerous life that could really hurt her and the business she loves so much.


I really loved this story and it’s mix of comedy, romance and tense moments. On one side, Katy is this normal, lovely and happy girl with so much joy and charisma but she is not without her problems and her fear of the past and traumatic situations. Cage, on his end, is indeed a problematic character that knows nothing but violence and loss  in his life. The total opposite personality of the characters is, what I think, made this story so perfect. You find yourself reading through every chapter without wanting to stop because this author knew how to end each chapter so well that you had the urge to continue. 

Unfortunately, there are many injustices  in the publishing world and Austen Richelle Snow is an author that wasn’t yet able to publish her book. You can find it (hope it’s still there) on Wattpad, a platform for amateur/ unknown writers to post their stories and hopefully catch the attention of the big sharks. Anna Todd – author of After Series began on that platform too. 

I truly believe Austen will one day be able to publish her book and, on that day, I will proudly shout to the skies that I was there since the beginning, I was one of the firsts to read this lovely story and fall in love with it before the entire world knew about it. 

A small note, at the end of this review to all the hardworking and talented authors out there: preserve and believe in yourselves and in your work. You may not yet be a published author, but you may already be a part of a smile on some reader’s cloudy day.

PLOT: ★★★★★
WRITING: ★★★★★
OVERALL: ★★★★★

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