Kingdom of the Cursed by Kerri Maniscalco

“Love and hate are both rooted in passion.”

Plot Summary

One sister.

Two sinful princes.

Infinite deception with a side of revenge…Welcome to Hell.

After selling her soul to become Queen of the Wicked, Emilia travels to the Seven Circles with the enigmatic Prince of Wrath, where she’s introduced to a seductive world of vice.

She vows to do whatever it takes to avenge her beloved sister, Vittoria…even if that means accepting the hand of the Prince of Pride, the king of demons.

The first rule in the court of the Wicked? Trust no one. With back-stabbing princes, luxurious palaces, mysterious party invitations, and conflicting clues about who really killed her twin, Emilia finds herself more alone than ever before. Can she even trust Wrath, her one-time ally in the mortal world…or is he keeping dangerous secrets about his true nature?

Emilia will be tested in every way as she seeks a series of magical objects that will unlock the clues of her past and the answers she craves…

Please Note: There is violence, grief, near-death experience scenes in this book. Also beware of chapter 17 for there is a very questionable scene involving lack of consent and mind compulsion. Although nothing more serious happens, it might disturb some readers.

Spoilers: Please note that my review will contain spoilers!

My Review

Kingdom of the Cursed starts exactly where Kingdom of the Wicked ends, with Emilie going to the underworld with Wrath to marry his brother, Pride, in order to save every witch. After a near-death journey for Emilia, Wrath ends up taking her to his realm instead of Pride’s. In his kingdom, Emilia finds that Wrath is indeed a feared and hot-tempered king that doesn’t give second chances to those who cross him. Emilia will also find a huge secret that will change everything she thought she knew about Pride and Wrath.

“Therefore, I chose the devil, not you. How does that feel? Knowing I’d prefer to bed a monster for eternity rather than subject myself to you again, Prince Wrath.”

Wrath and Emilia are yet again on a high steamy level with one another but let me warn right now: there’s no sex between them (although there will be other very interesting things). 

The world of the wicked is perfectly described and the brothers are very interesting and mysterious characters with very low inhibitions.

Emilia’s development was great and her relationship with Wrath is so exciting in this book. I have a little tingle in the back of my mind that Pride is going to meddle in their relationship and I’m not ready for that because my heart belongs to Wrath! I sincerely hope that doesn’t happen.

“I am not a hero, Emilia. Nor am I a villain. You ought to know that by now.”

Highlight Moments

– When Emilia finds out who she is betrothed to

– The slow-burn scenes between Emilia and Wrath

– The introduction of Emilia to Wrath’s court

– When Emilia is taken to the healer

– The first time Emilia sees Pride

– When she discovers an important clue about her sister

– The revelation of Wrath’s true identity


“Be cautious when making blood bargains with a prince of Hell. And under no circumstances should you ever make one involving the devil. What’s his is his. Only a fool would fight or challenge him.”

“Try not to look too thrilled, or I might think you like me.” “Count your blessings. My liking you would be a dangerous thing.” I snorted. “Why? Would you ruin me for all other demon princes?” “Something close.”

“Aren’t you going to put your jacket back on?” “Stop having filthy thoughts about me and get some rest.” “I should have killed you when I had the chance.”

“Tell me,” he whispered, his voice sliding like silk over my flushed skin. “What?” My own voice came out breathless. “I am your favorite sin.”

“One thing I can promise,” his voice was deep and sensual in the dark, “is you won’t ever doubt it’s real when I touch you.”

“Have I ever told you your anger is like my own personal aphrodisiac?”

“You look like a beautiful cataclysm.”

“You may destroy me yet.” “Sooner rather than later if you don’t stop talking and kiss me again.” “Demanding, angelic creature.”

“Good night, Emilia.” “Good night, my jealous, mighty tongue‑slayer.” “You say such horrible things.”

“Assumptions are the death of truth.”

PLOT: ★★★★★
COVER: ★★★★★

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Kingdom of the Wicked Series

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