Famine (The Four Horsemen #3) by Laura Thalassa

“I don’t simply exist, I hunger.”

Plot Summary

They came to earth–Pestilence, War, Famine, Death–four horsemen riding their screaming steeds, racing to the corners of the world. Four horsemen with the power to destroy all of humanity. They came to earth, and they came to end us all.

Ana da Silva always assumed she’d die young, she just never expected it to be at the hands of Famine, the haunting immortal who once spared her life so many years ago. But if the horseman remembers her at all, he must not care, for when she comes face to face with him for the second time in her life, she’s stabbed and left for dead.

Only, she doesn’t quite die.

If there’s one thing Famine is good at, it’s cruelty. And how these blighted bastards deserve it. Try as he might, he can’t forget what they once did to him. But when Ana, a ghost from his past, corners him and promises pain for what he so recently did to her, she and her empty threats captivate him, and he decides to keep her around.

In spite of themselves, Ana and Famine are drawn to each other. But at the end of the day, the two are enemies. Nothing changes that. Not one kind act, not two. And definitely not a few steamy nights. But enemies or reluctant lovers, if they don’t stop themselves soon, heaven will.

Please Note: There is violence, torture, near-death experiences, Stockholm Syndrome and sexual scenes in this book, not suitable for readers under the edge of 18.

Spoilers: Please note that my review will contain spoilers!

My Review

This book starts on year 24 of the horsemen, following the events of the appearance of Pestilence and War. Faminer 24 of the horsemen and Famine is spreading hunger and death in Brazil. Ana da Silva, a prostitute, is standing in line at the mansion where the horsemen are currently accepting offers, thinking if he will recognize the girl who saved him 5 years ago. When Famine doesn’t even spare her a glance, Ana is disappointed but it’s when his guards take her and her mistress to a pit full of human bodies and stabbed them both, tossing them to the pit to die slowly that Ana finds strength to emerge from that pit with one thing in mind: kill Famine.

That evil fucker made one huge mistake coming here: he didn’t make sure I was dead. And now he’s going to pay for it.

When she finds him alone and presses a dagger to his throat, Famine is actually surprised someone could attack him without him realizing. But it’s when Ana reminds him who she truly is that she leaves him gasping and actually sorry for not recognizing her before and sending her to her death.

He then does what he didn’t 5 years ago: he doesn’t give her the choice of staying behind. He takes her with him so she won’t die like the other humans. Everywhere Famine passes, crops die and hunger strikes. And if he’s really in a bad mood, plants emerge from the ground and squeeze his victims to death.

Famine is nothing like his brother War and, even though I find him a little familiar with Pestilence, Famine is even more dangerous. He has a deep connection with the land, the plants and the weather but he lacks any human traits and doesn’t understand human ways. He finds humans repelling and even more so after they caught him and tortured him for a long time before he fled and was found by Ana. He swore revenge on all humankind and nothing could stop him. Until Ana happened.

I can feel more compassion for Famine because he’s an immortal being that was beaten and tortured to death too many times by humans just to revive and feel everything all over again. He’s vulnerable with many sensitive spots in his ‘armour’. 

Ana has also seen the worst of people since she was a kid. She was an orphan and was adopted by her aunt who never accepted her. Everything she did was never right for her aunt and was often severely beaten by her. Despite all this, when she first met and helped Famine, he ended up killing everyone in her village including her aunt and she couldn’t forgive him and refused to go with him. After that, with no money nor food, Ana had only one choice, join the whorehouse…with only 17 years old. 

Despite all this, Ana is determined to show Famine that not all humans are bad and they deserve redemption. 

Ana was my favourite female character of all the three books. She was sassy, bold and brave. She often put Famine to shame with the way she talked freely of sex (which was something Famine absolulety despised).

“I might make an exception just this once,” I say, “for the sake of humanity, of course. A blowjob to end all bloodshed—that sounds appropriately valiant.”

The end of this book really excited me to read about Thanatos aka Death. Also knowing the other horsemens will also make an appearance really got me excited.

Although the plot of these series is all similar, I enjoyed reading these books. I thought the plot was really original, although I admit it’s a bit controversial due to all the triggers present.

Highlight Moments

– When Famine realizes who Ana really is

– The banter between Ana and Famine

– The scene from the past that show us the first time Ana and Famine met

– The first time Famine sees the stab wound scars his men inflicted on Ana

– Famine’s confront with his brother Death


“It’s okay if you’re a little shy about opening up—lots of men are. It’s really endemic to our culture—okay, my culture. Anyway, I’ll go first: I think you’re obscenely handsome, and your smile lights up your whole face.”

“Awww, I think you don’t half mind my company.” “You’re making me reconsider.” “Nonsense.” I lean back against the horseman, letting myself enjoy the feel of him around me. “And guess what? I don’t half mind your company either.” This really had better be the alcohol’s doing.

“Then you’ll be delighted when I’m dead.” “I’ll be relieved when you’re dead,” he says, gently moving my injured arm back to my side. The movement makes it throb something fierce. “You make even an immortal’s head pound.”

“You mentioned how you were worse than Pestilence and War,” I say, “but what about Death?” Famine holds my gaze for a long minute, then gives me a slight nod, like he’s conceding a point to me. “Nothing is worse than him.”

“The truth of the matter is, you’re the one human I actually like.”

“Please,” he rasps. “I can … still help … I’m … sorry … misunderstanding.” There’s a pause, then I hear the Reaper’s low laughter. “A misunderstanding? No, no, my friend. It was one thing to try to hurt me. But then you went and tried to hurt her.”

“Because around you,” he says, “I feel the oddest urge to use my power to create rather than destroy.”

Thanatos focuses his gaze on me. I expect him to look angry, but those ancient eyes are agonized. Reaching out, Death angles his palm at me. “Brother,” Famine says sharply, “stay your hand. We have a deal.” “Her … stabbing me … wasn’t … part … of it,” he rasps out.

PLOT: ★★★★
COVER: ★★★

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The Four Horsemen Series

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