In the Eye of the Storm (Storm and Silence #2) by Robert Thier

‘Next time we sit down for dinner and I ask you what you would like to drink,’ Mr Ambrose whispered, leaning towards me, ‘do try not to answer “Your blood, with soda”. It doesn’t really fit the role of a loving wife.’

Plot Summary

Egypt… land of romance, mystery, and exploding camels. Lilly Linton thought she’d be ready for anything after one month of working for her boss – cold, calculating businessman Rikkard Ambrose. But when they embark on a perilous hunt through the desert, she has to face dangers beyond anything she has encountered before: deadly storms, marauding bandits, and worst of all, a wedding ring!
Can the desert’s heat truly be enough to melt the cold heart of Britain’s richest financier?

Spoilers: Please note that my review will contain spoilers!

My Review

Although I really enjoyed this story, it didn’t quite reach the quality of the first book.

I was really excited to read this book. I read Storm and Silence in Wattpad and it ended in a huge cliffhanger! This story was fast-paced and many interesting things happened in this story. If enemies-to-lovers is fake-marriage is your trope then this is definitely your kind of books. 

Just like in the first book, there were moments I couldn’t contain my laughter. Since the awkward encounters between Lilly and the amazing captain Carter or the sweet and deaf old lady in the hotel.

The banter between Lilly and Mr. Ambrose is delightful as usual and poor Karim continues to suffer at the hands of the little ifrit.

We get to see more affection from Mr. Ambrose, even if he neves admits to it. 

Overall the book was good and quite entertaining but I really missed the office scenario and the hilarious messages exchanged in the pneumatic tubes.

Highlight Moments

– Lilly discovering she’s supposed to pretend to be Mr. Ambrose’s wife

– The dinner scene with the menu

– The visit to the brothel

– Lilly talking to the deaf old lady pretending to be her granddaughter

– The fight/love scene between her and Mr. Ambrose before the attack

– Lilly naming her camel

– The sandstorm

– Their meeting with the bandits

– The moment between Lilly and Mr. Ambrose before she chooses to be left behind

– The encounters between captain Carter and Lilly


‘In my dreams,’ he told me, his voice still as hard and cold as an iceberg, ‘more interesting things happen. Things that involve the two of us.’

How do you think I feel when I look into yours? Drowning is one thing – burning quite another.

“Knowledge is power is time is money. Meaning that if I shared knowledge, it would tantamount to sharing power or money.”

“Yes, and you did it spectacularly. They were the best non words ever not spoken.”

PLOT: ★★★★

Did you like this book?

Storm and Silence Series

* New Storm Rising isn’t published yet. In the meantime you can read it on Wattpad or Radish.

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