Silence Breaking (Storm and Silence #4) by Robert Thier

‘I might be slightly…irrationally infatuated with you.’

Plot Summary

Family – the most important thing in the world, right? If it’s your own, maybe. But if it’s the family of the incredibly powerful, incredibly alluring businessman with whom you’ve been conducting a secret office affair, and they don’t yet know about the affair, things are a little bit different.

Life is about to get real for Lilly Linton. All those stolen moments behind closed doors, those secret kisses and whispered words are about to catch up with her. As she and her boss, business-magnate Rikkard Ambrose travel north to his parents’ palatial estate, she is about to discover: does she have the strength to step out of the shadows and change her fate forever?

My Review

In this delightful and funny 5th book of Storm and Silence series, we travel to Scotland, homeland of the mighty and powerful Mr. Ambrose (just don’t mention he’s Scottish, he doesn’t like it), to meet his family. Yes, stone cold Rikkard Ambrose apparently was created just like the ordinary folk and not sculptured by the gods.

Lilly, as Mr. Victor Linton, gets to meet Mr. Ambrose’s sweet mother and Mr. Ambrose’s wildhearted sister that reminds her so much of herself.

But Lilly also has to endure a dreadful task: the task of helping Marquess Ambrose to find a fiancé for her son. There is only one option for Lilly, the woman that shall conquer Mr. Ambrose’s heart will be no one but herself. This leads to Lilly being in hilarious situations of wardrobe changing.

As this happens, Lilly will get a visit of a dear old friend that will leave Mr. Ambrose fuming as plotting the best way to get rid of the specimen and dreadful visit of an old enemy that will do anything to make Mr. Ambrose suffers: and his new target is our Lilly.

It was so pleasant to read about Mr. Ambrose’s family while trying to discover what event took place between him and his father all those years ago. Mr. Ambrose and Lilly’s relationship develops so much in this book, I really loved to see Mr. Ambrose’s new side.

As yet again, poor Karim falls victim to Lilly’s pranks but this time Mr. Ambrose’s sister joins in on the fun. Adaira turned out to be one of my favourite characters from these series. The girl has more extravagant ideas than Lilly! This book left me wanting more especially due to how it ended.

Highlight Moments

– Mr. Ambrose meeting his family after many years

– Lilly changing to a female attire and getting all the attention from the marquess

– Mr. Ambrose and Lilly’s romantic scenes

– The attack on the mine

– Captain Carter scenes

– Karim being harassed by all the females

– Lilly’s speech to Captain Carter and Mr. Ambrose hearing it

– Mr. Ambrose’s confessing his love for her

– Mr. Ambrose’s POV when he’s frantically searching for Lilly when Lord Dalgliesh kidnapped her


I may even have certain…impulses towards you that border on caring about you.’

‘The first dance for the first woman I knew, the last one for the last. You may not have been the first woman in my life, Miss Linton – but I promise you, you will be the last. There won’t be anyone else as long as I live.’

‘Look into my eyes, Mr Linton, and then tell me there’s anything I wouldn’t dare where you are concerned!’

‘You’re everything I want. Everything I need. I have to have you. No matter what I have to do, you will be mine.’

PLOT: ★★★★
OVERALL: ★★★★★

Did you like this book?

Storm and Silence Series

* New Storm Rising isn’t published yet. In the meantime you can read it on Wattpad or Radish.

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