Graphic Audiobooks: Yay or nay?

During the pandemic, I stumbled upon this new (is it new?) way to listen to books: Graphic Audiobooks. 

What is a Graphic Audiobook?

It’s like an audiobook but with a full cast of actors to perform each character, sound effects and background music. When in an audiobook the narrator describes the sound of a thunderstorm for example, in a graphic audiobook you actually hear the sound of the thunderstorm.

During work, I browsed for an audiobook to listen to when I saw what looked like a sweet romcom “Call Me Maybe”. It was an actual surprise when, right in the beginning, there were sound effects and the male and female narrator started to interact with each other. 

After twenty minutes of giggling, I had to share it with my husband, who was now staring at me funny. We actually listened to it all in just a day. I immediately fell in love with this new concept.

There is just one small inconvenience for me: sometimes the background music tends to be a bit annoying.

Apart from that, it’s a very YAY for me.

On Audible I only found, so far and with little effort I confess, two graphic audiobooks: Call Me Maybe and Sweet Talk (a series). 

If you’re a fan of rom coms and like audiobooks, I highly recommend these two. They’re incredibly cute.

Recently, on one of the bookish groups I follow, someone mentioned graphic audiobooks for the ACOTAR series and I was screaming. Apparently, GraphicAudio is producing these series. As an avid fan of The Inner Circle folk, I had to listen to this.

The first book (A Court of Thorns and Roses) is already out. Divided in two, the second part released yesterday and I confess, I’ve listened to it already. I’m completely obsessed with this! Am I the only one who prefers Tamlin’s voice over Rhysand? Damn, why?!

So far they only show ACOTAR and ACOMAF on their website (ACOMAF releases in April and May). So here I am (again!) listening to a series that is not finished yet. I never learn…

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