3 Book-To-Screen Adaptations I’m Really Looking Forward To

Do you know someone that, in the cinema, is grinning like a lunatic for some scene in a movie she already knows of because she read the book? Or being a pain to the person who’s with her because she simply can’t prevent herself from saying: “You know, in the book they actually…”

I’m that person. I admit it. I love seeing ‘my books’ being adapted to the big screen. I’m also the person always shouting: I’m never watching this again! They murdered my lovely book! 

Who can relate?

Despite some serious crimes against books, I’m always eager to see new books adapted into movies/ tv shows.

Check out the 3 books I’m most excited to see on screen:

Set in France, 1939, this book tells the stories of two sisters: Vianne Mauriac says goodbye to her husband as he sets off to war. Eventually the nazis invade France and Vianne sees her home being occupied by a nazi soldier. Vianne then needs to make some hard choices in order to protect her family. Isabelle, Vianne’s younger sister, is a rebellious girl that wants to find her purpose in a world of war. After falling in love with a man who believes France can fight back and having her heart broken, Isabelle joins the Resistance to save others. The movie, starring Dakota and Elle Fanning (real-life sisters) is set to be released in December 2022. The book broke my heart over and over. It was such a beautiful and engaging story. I can’t wait to see it on the big screen.

This twisty and shocking thriller tells the story of Alicia. With a great life and a happy marriage, Alicia’s life seems perfect. Until one day, Alicia murders her husband with five shots to his face and never speaks again. It’s up to Theo Faber, a criminal psychotherapist who has waited a long time for the opportunity to work with Alicia, to make her talk and finally discover what indeed happened that day.The novel was optioned by Annapurna and Plan B in 2019. I haven’t heard any updates on the subject but I’m hoping to hear news soon! The plot twist in this book was insane and I want to be that person at the cinema watching everyone’s reaction!

*Internally screaming for this one!

Dragged to the land of the faeries after murdering one of them, Feyre discovers that her captor is no such monster as she believed him to be. Her feelings, once full of hatred, now develop to passion for the faerie that is cursed by some blight. It’s up to Feyre to fight this curse and save all the faerie lands and her love or lose him forever. These series own my heart and soul. It’s one of my absolute favourite series and I was screaming from happiness. I’m also so nervous and afraid they’ll somehow ruin these books. I have such a perfect scenario in my mind. The series were optioned by Hulu and will be written by Sarah J Maas herself and by Ron D. Moore (the creator of Outlander successful tv show). We don’t have Hulu in Portugal so I’m really worried about that factor!

Which books are you most excited to see on screen?

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