Hunting for Silence (Storm and Silence #5) by Robert Thier

‘I’ve had to learn how to economize. Words. Money. Everything. I keep it all and give nothing away—because anything I give away is a weapon that can be used against me. But when you’re close…I want to have things I never knew I needed. And I want to give parts of myself away I never knew I had.’

Plot Summary

British business mogul Rikkard Ambrose has departed London to face his arch-rival in a deadly game of espionage and intrigue at the Royal Court of France, leaving his lady love behind to knit socks and twiddle her thumbs.Left behind alone?

That is not something Lilly Linton is willing to put up with! Determined to show her boss who’s boss, she embarks on her most dangerous adventure yet, armed with the most powerful weapon of all: love-and, just in case, her trusted revolver.

My Review

After running for the hills due to a supposed threat, Lilly is left behind but she’s not alone. She has Karim following her everywhere she goes. But Lilly is not having it. She marches to Paris, to save her beloved from whatever danger he’s in…but what she finds is a very alive and unharmed Mr. Ambrose watching the opera!

Soon, they have they’re hands full of intrigues and dangers caused by and old acquaintance and must fight to save the British Empire from going into war.

There is something about the Storm and Silence series that lures you in. Although I felt the author dragged this story a bit, I still couldn’t manage to put down the book. The romance between Lilly and Mr. Ambrose is so addictive and banter between is even better.

I don’t think anything major happened in this book (besides the proposal of course – by the way, a curtain ring?! Seriously Mr. Ambrose?!)

Karim is still amazing and I truly hope the man finds his match (Patsy maybe?).

Although I absolutely adore these series, I think it’s time Sir Rob starts thinking about giving a happy ending to this beautiful and funny couple.

Highlight Moments

– The interviews

– Lilly’s drunk scene

– Mr. Ambrose and Lilly sabotaging Lord Dalgliesh’s plan

– When Mr. Ambrose gets shot

– Mr. Ambrose ordering Lilly to come to him despite the possibility of her having caught a dangerous and contagious disease

– The talk between Mr. Ambrose and uncle Bufford


“Out of curiosity, Sir…what would you call the answer “no” in response to a proposal?’ He considered for a moment. Finally, he decided: ‘A delay in negotiations to be solved at my earliest convenience through the application of alternative strategies.’”

‘All right,’ he panted. ‘You may have been correct.’ ‘I? Correct? And you admit it?’ I raised an eyebrow. ‘Goodness gracious! Where is my calendar? I must mark today in red for all eternity as a memorial to this momentous occasion.’

‘Because I know her. Because she is free to choose. I cannot offer money to buy what you don’t own. I will only marry her because she wants to, not because you allow it.’

PLOT: ★★★

Did you like this book?

Storm and Silence Series

* New Storm Rising isn’t published yet. In the meantime you can read it on Wattpad or Radish.

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