Introducing Hubby to the World of Audiobooks

Sharing the books that accompany me through my life and marked me forever is always something I’m eager to do. I have read books since my teenage years but only in the last couple of years did I fully focus on books. Now they are my major hobby and passion. They’re a part of me and it’s a hobby I can’t see myself without. To my most excitement, I’ve recently been able to pass a bit of this passion to my husband. He’s a non-reader and intends to keep it that way but he’s very addicted to audiobooks now. First I introduced him to a graphic audiobook written by Cara Bastone. It’s a really cute rom com with characters that remind us so much of ourselves that it was easy for him to love this audiobook. 

I’m also a huge fantasy fan and he’s as well so I encouraged him to listen to some of my favourites. It’s been a delight to actually be able to discuss details of my favourite reads.

Check below the audiobooks I managed to convince him to listen to:

An isolated IT and a cheerful girl calling customer service to get help with her glitching website. These characters hit so close to home that we were listening to this audiobook with a big smile on our faces.

We couldn’t resist listening to the sequel and although not as good as the first one in my opinion, hubby actually really enjoyed this one too. The problem was: the narrators actually interacted with each other and there were sound effects. Could I convince him to listen to standard audiobooks?

This colossus of a book was the greatest and brightest idea I had to introduce him to standard audiobooks. A story where vampires are again horrendous monsters to be feared, an interview with the condemned vampire hunter and Witcher vibes seemed just like something he would love to listen to. And, of course and as always, I was right. He devoured that audiobook, listening to it twice! Oh yeah….I got you now…

I told him about this story when I read it. It was such a great story, I had to share it with someone. It’s a story he always said he would like to know more about. Unfortunately only this year I was able to buy it on Audible (wasn’t available here) and is the one he’s listening to now. I haven’t listened to the audiobook yet but he tells me the narrator is simply incredible.

The next ones on the list…

I didn’t have to convince him to listen to the sequel. He’s already more than ready to listen to it after House of Earth and Blood!

What kind of fan would I be if I didn’t introduce him to Jennifer L. Armentrout’s books?

Just found out there was a third book in the Love Lines series and I couldn’t be more excited! Currently listening to it and it’s already on his list of future listenings.

Honestly, I hope I’m not making a mistake with this one. I absolutely love these series but I never read Assassin’s Blade. And, since I know how it ends, I’m not in the mood to read it. But since he doesn’t know the books, I was hoping for him to listen to the whole story, starting with the novella. What do you think?

This is a great read! I loved these books! Haven’t read the third one yet but damn, what a series! Since he loves Sci-Fi, why not try this one?

So far he’s loving the experience and so I am. I don’t have any friends who read so I only get to talk about my books with him and in my bookish groups on Facebook. It’s really amazing to have someone close to you with whom you can share your enthusiasm and exchange ideas.

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