My TBR Pile: Am I missing something huge?

It’s no shock nor secret that a bookworm has a tendency for an extended TBR. It’s also a tendency for bookworms to have books on that TBR for a looooong period of time. 

Despite having many books to read, I often find myself scrolling through Bookstagram or Amazon to find the newest tendencies and what my fellow bookworms are losing their minds (and money) for. Needless to say, I always find new books to add to my already very, very, very long wishlist and buy the ones I simply cannot wait to read or the ones that are currently selling for a good price. 

Sometimes I find it difficult to choose something to read from my TBR and other times I’m reading and thinking: Why didn’t I read this sooner?! How did I survive this long without this?!

Since I’m a bit of a masochist in the reading department and don’t think I suffer enough already, here’s a list of some of the books that currently sit on my TBR for quite some time that maybe I should just dive into….like now! 

Which books should I have already read and are clearly missing in my life?

Check out the list below and vote:

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