Twisted Games (Twisted #2) by Ana Huang

“I don’t need a happily ever after. I need to be by your side. I need you happy and healthy and safe. Goddammit Bridget, I need you. In any way I can have you.”

Trigger Warning: Violence/ Sexual Scenes

Plot Summary

Stoic, broody, and arrogant, elite bodyguard Rhys Larsen has two rules: 1) Protect his clients at all costs 2) Do not become emotionally involved. Ever.

He has never once been tempted to break those rules…until her.

Bridget von Ascheberg. A princess with a stubborn streak that matches his own and a hidden fire that reduces his rules to ash. She’s nothing he expected and everything he never knew he needed.

Day by day, inch by inch, she breaks down his defenses until he’s faced with a truth he can no longer deny: he swore an oath to protect her, but all he wants is to ruin her. Take her.

Because she’s his.

His princess.

His forbidden fruit.

His every depraved fantasy.


Regal, strong-willed, and bound by the chains of duty, Princess Bridget dreams of the freedom to live and love as she chooses.

But when her brother abdicates, she’s suddenly faced with the prospect of a loveless, politically expedient marriage and a throne she never wanted.

And as she navigates the intricacies—and treacheries—of her new role, she must also hide her desire for a man she can’t have.

Her bodyguard.

Her protector.

Her ultimate ruin.

Unexpected and forbidden, theirs is a love that could destroy a kingdom…and doom them both.

My Review!

Did I say before that Alex Volkov was a go-to book boyfriend? Can I add one more? Because Rhys Larsen aka hot bodyguard just hit the charts. 

I have a thing for the ‘bodyguard-client’ trope so I went with very high hopes for this book and couldn’t be more pleased. What a wild, steamy and romantic ride!

Bridget lived her life in the US, attending college, having fun with her best friends Ava, Stella and Jules escaping the politics and rules of the royal family of Eldorra, a small country in Europe. Her bodyguard and friend needs to take a leave to attend to family and is replaced by Rhys Larsen, this broody, dark bodyguard.

Rhys is an ex-military man who is very intent on following rules by the book and making Bridget follow as well. The thing is, she’s not willing to give up her freedom and do what this brute but very hot man tells her to do.

This leads to a clash between them, with many funny moments. But also leads to a sexual tension, felt from both since they met. The thing is, they can’t do anything about it. After all, Bridget descends from royal blood and Rhys…doesn’t.

Despite being a slow burn, it’s an intense one. I followed this story with excitement, anticipating the moment they were both giving in to their chemistry. 

Things turn difficult when Bridget’s older brother renounces the throne, and our princess needs to return home…under the scrutiny of many eyes. Things with her favourite bodyguard are about to get really difficult to deal with.

This story was so well written. I’ve felt so many emotions: excitement, happiness, sadness. My heart felt for these two. There wasn’t just the sexual tension, there was a real bond between them, something beautiful, real friendship.

Ava and Alex, from Twisted Love, make an appearance and that is why, despite the possibility of being read as standalones, I preferred to read them by order.

From the beginning till the end, this book had my whole attention. Definitely a reread in the future.

Tropes you can expect

  • Enemies to lovers
  • Age gap
  • Bodyguard/ Client


“I came back despite knowing the torture I’d have to go through because I can’t stay away from you. Even when you’re not there, you’re everywhere. In my head, in my lungs, in my fucking soul.”

“But someone once told me we always end up where we’re meant to be, and this is where I’m meant to be. With you.”

“Say the word, and I can make it look like an accident,”

“Alex,” I said. “Don’t take this the wrong way, but you are a complete dick.”

“Something dark unfurled in my stomach. If there was one thing I hated, it was men who couldn’t take a fucking hint.”

“Careful, Mr Larsen, or I’ll think you actually like me.”
His mouth curled into a grin. “Baby, we’re way beyond like.”

PLOT: ★★★★★
WRITING: ★★★★★
OVERALL: ★★★★★

Did you enjoy this book?

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