Bad Saint (All the Pretty Things #1) by Monica James

“You tell me you don’t belong to anyone, but you’re wrong, ahгел. You belong to me,” he whispers, an arrogant grin tugging at his lips. “And you hate yourself for it.”

Trigger Warning: Violence/ Sexual Scenes/ Kidnapping/ Attempted murder/ Attempted Rape/ Sexual Assault

Plot Summary

I was kidnapped on my honeymoon by three masked men.



Destination unknown.

I was told to stay silent and abide by their rules. But they didn’t realize I wasn’t a victim…not anymore.

The open sea was my backdrop for nine torturous days. During that time, glimmers of my fate were revealed by a man with the mysterious chartreuse-colored eyes. He should have scared me, but he didn’t.

He intrigued me. And I intrigued him.

He punished me when I didn’t listen, which was every single day. But beneath his cruelty, I sensed he was guarding a grave secret.

I was sold.

And in a game of poker, no less.

My buyer? A Russian mobster who likes to collect pretty things. Now that I know the truth, I only have one choice.

Sink or swim.

And when one fateful night presents me the opportunity, I take it. I just never anticipated my actions would leave me shipwrecked with my kidnapper.

He needs me alive. I want him dead.

But as days turn into weeks, one thing becomes clear—I should hate him…but I don’t.

My name is Willow.

His name is Saint.

Ironic, isn’t it? He bears a name that denotes nothing but holiness yet delivers nothing but hell. However, if this is hell on earth…God, save my soul.

My Review

Willow is a model who got married in a matter of weeks. She was never loved by her family. Her stepfather tried to rape, her mother threw her out accusing her of using her looks to seduce her stepfather. So when she meets a rich and kind man who treats her well and tells her he loves her, she just wants to marry him. 

The problem is, her fiancé isn’t who he says he is and Willow ends up being kidnapped on her honeymoon by a group of masked men speaking russian.

On a boat, heading towards Russia, Willow needs to do what it takes to survive unscathered but her attempted runs are always stopped by the masked man, Saint. Willow can’t deny the attraction and the way she feels safe around him, even though he kidnapped her was the one who beat her husband to a pulp.

Despite Saint being rigid towards and punishing her for trying to run away, his need to protect her grows and he can’t have that. His goal is only one: save someone very special to him from the claws of the feared Russian Aleksei Popov. And the only way to do that is delivering Willow to him. But along the way, while they encounter many dangers and delays, Saint begins to find it very difficult to imagine giving Willow up to Aleksei.

Oh my God! This book engulfed me from chapter one till the very end, and what an end! The book ends in such a cliffhanger that, immediately and without second thought, I bought the rest of the series. There isn’t one boring chapter, the reader is always on edge.

For the readers of dark romances I say one thing: Saint is one of the best anti heroes I’ve crossed paths with in the many dark romances I’ve read along the way. I love Saint’s interactions with Willow, especially on the desert island. The growing of feelings between is very well written along the book. The entire book is written in Willow’s point of view but in the beginning of each chapter we get a glimpse of the thoughts running in Saint’s mind through his journal.

I definitely recommend this book since I’ve read it three times now. But beware of the trigger warnings above for it is a very dark story that can trigger some readers. 

Highlight Moments

  • Saint cuffing himself to Willow to bathe in the ocean
  • Willow driving Saint’s insane with her retorts
  • Saint killing the pirates
  • Willow capsizing the boat to save Saint from the attackers
  • Harriet Pot pie
  • The sharks scene
  • The hut scene
  • Willow taking care of herself and Saint alone while Saint was passed out
  • Willow willingly sacrificing her freedom to give Saint’s his

Tropes You Can Expect:

  • Antihero
  • Enemies to lovers
  • Forced proximity


Each scar tells a story, showing the world you were stronger than whatever tried to beat you.

“I can help fish.” Saint pauses from chewing, not looking too convinced. “In fear of you naming every fish we find, I think it’s best you stay here.”

Ahгел, this ensures your safety. With me dead, I won’t be forced to hand you over to the man I despise most in this world. The man who destroyed my life. The man who made me into the monster I am today,”

I want to know him, all of him because I don’t understand the feelings he evokes in me. I am losing myself, piece by piece, to Saint, and I don’t even care.

“Where exactly are you from?” I’m speaking out of line, but his reaction confuses me. He almost looks…saddened by the fact. He steps forward, and I’m engulfed in his spice as he towers over me. “A world you don’t belong in.”

PLOT: ★★★★★
WRITING: ★★★★★
COVER: ★★★★
OVERALL: ★★★★★

Did you enjoy this book?

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